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recently from Hawaii Island Slippers sandals manufacturers seem high visibility, collaboration frequently, first A BATHING APE, reported today in the OriginalFake and to everyone WTAPS x Island Slipper leather slippers, which is WTAPS summer series "BETTER THAN YESTERDAY "series one. The use of cow leather slippers leather and horse hair material combination, color markings at the miter angle is undoubtedly the biggest bright spot, compared to OriginalFake fork-shaped pattern, this design is a lot of high-profile. The leather slippers priced at ? 21000 yen, will soon be on sale. & nbsp Retro jordans for sale ; Source: HYPEBEASTTo bring a new "Camo" series Reebok this winter popular shoes Instapump Fury. By large area mesh and signature type inflatable surface with a shoe body Israeli green, yellow brown and blue three as the main theme, the and respectively into the echo of the forest camouflage, desert camouflage and digital camouflage pattern, to toe with a suede trim. At last, carrying signs separation type white midsole and. At present, the series has been purchased by Packer Shoes, priced at $$160. source: ShoesPackerthe world's oldest sports brand Nike USA December 20, said the domes cheap jordan shoes for men tic market due to strong sales, the company's second-quarter earnings grow by 15%. But joint challenge rivals Adidas and Reebok make the company less than ideal global order, the share price fell 3%. Nike said the company's second-quarter earnings of $ 301 million, with a surplus of $ 261 million last year increased by 15 percent compared to earnings per share results higher than the average analyst estimate of 11 cents a value . In addition, Nike's second-quarter sales also increased 10 percent over last year, reaching $ 3.5 billion, more than the market analysts predict a $ 3.473 bil Retro jordans for sale lion. The company said Nike brand business in the United States and the strong growth in sales and profitability of the Americas so that was better than expected earnings results. But this summer, the world's second-largest sports brand Adidas and Reebok brand's third-largest merger, a joint attack, Nike, Nike has added to the pressure is not small. At present, Nike markets in Europe and Japan less than ideal. Although Nike's orders rose by 2.5% over last year, but Adidas home European market declined by 6%. US financial firm Susquehanna Financial Group analyst John? Shanley said Nike cheap jordans online companies, the international market has become increasingly important. the advent of the World Cup next year in Germany, to a great deal of confidence in Nike. Nike hopes to promote the company's sales in Europe through the World Cup. But Nike has admitted that due to the strong European tradition of sports brand, the competition will be very intense European market. In addition, the company plans next year in January, Nike launched a new shoes in Japan, to deal with slow growth in the Japanese market. Nike also said it would invest in the Asian market. Nike CEO William? Perez also b Cheap air jordans for sale elieves that China is a good market, the second-tier cities in China and hopes to promote the Nike a "stubborn car" column and car related columns, the old series will go to line a small representative car or a famous game player models, as we show in their car, will also present their eyes for all car what it would be like. In the column "stupid", and "play" "wá n" is a homonym, also Wanzhu, naughty, is the performance of the owners for love and attitude to their car. With modification, they are serious. has a friend, grew up, the friend in Beijing dialect called "fat Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping children". But for most people, with the increase of age, residence change, different dreams...... And in the basic relationship is "a meal". But you have such friends, grew up together, now have the same hobby? This period "stubborn car" column, the old series for the first time invited to a car partner, they made the old said Brotherhood "fat children". Because is not willing to disclose the name, so this week, we temporarily call the two Mr.R and Mr.M, R are of course golf R, M is M235i. To tell the truth, if not and the two deep contact, it is not easy to distinguish. The same hair cheap foamposites style, approximate figure, wear glasses, even the shoes are the same section of the Air Jordan 13 navy...... If they are in, the old series really was a question mark, they do not have a pair of twin brothers...... said the two of them, in fact there is a behind the scenes of the "third party", we can call him Mr.F. Mr.R, Mr.M and Mr.F three of them are in the relationship, but also loves the car. Why mention Mr.F? Because Mr.F is the first owner of this car M235i. Because of environmental reasons, BMW brand should be Mr.F customers at a series of...... In a rage, Mr.F put this car jus Cheap air jordan 12 ovo t a year or M235i for sale, and to replace the car is a Mr.M like belief level of BMW M. BMW are being laughed at, old series are you sure you're not kidding me? The Mr.F has changed what car? You never dream is a second-hand car BYD F0...... The old series began to guess the car, guess when Ferrari F12, two brothers told the old series that chance...... F0 and F12 have a F, here with really no SEI...... In fact, Mr.F, the BYD F0 is only used for car transition, his ultimate goal is a Ferrari 488. Are playing vehicles will have some "nervous", but the story of Mr.F, if not heard, the cheap jordans for sale mens old series is determined not to believe...... The Mr.R is a section of the old Fawkes, for the pursuit of performance, Mr.R originally intended to replace a golf GTI, but a strange combination of circumstances reason, Mr.R and this car attached to the golf R. electricity, mother, sports, beauty, automotive, mobile phone community index weekly chart (6.19-6.25) this week 618 of the heat dissipation, Taobao beyond first Jingdong to regain the throne, Tmall ranked third., Amazon, idle fish in 4 to 6, and the same ranking last week. Mobile phone software shop micro shop and cheap jordans for sale tourism business platform Ctrip to catch up with Juhuasuan and, ranked seventh and eighth. mother Zhou Bangzhong, aptamil still ranked first last week from sixth to second; Pampers, online interactive prizes lead users attention and participation, Parenting Forum, WeChat, micro-blog and other baby tree, is the brand to discuss the heat high platform; Kao, in the third row, fourth curious; fly crane into the TOP10 this week, row in fifth, the 55th anniversary party brand birthday friends warm light, baby tree, mother is the voice of consumers aggregation platform. Wyeth sixth, Unitya seventh, eighth good children, Mead Johnson ninth, Jiabao tenth. sports brand ranking than last week and had no obvious change, Nike, Adidas, AIR JORDAN, Lining still occupy the top 4 positions; Puma outstanding performance from the tenth jumped to fifth last week, Puma Shanghai supermodel Liu Wen in store activities caused by the network of heat, micro-blog, WeChat, tiger, space-time forum, APP is the consumer to understand Timor the discussion of the brand aggregation platform; in addition, Anta sixth, VANS seventh, eighth, Ninth New 100-lun dema, CONVERSE tenth. mobile phone brands have subtle changes in contrast to last week, HUAWEI is still first; millet rose from third to second; apple down 1 to third; fourth glory; Samsung fifth; vivo sixth; and from tenth to seventh last week, a new 5 full sale, triggered a lively discussion in the community; OPPO eighth, Meizu ninth. NOKIA tenth. beauty skin care brand rankings changed greatly from fourth to first last week, Dior, Dior brand ambassador Huang Xuan attended related activities, caused by high heat; YSL decreased 1 to second; Chanel from ninth to third, beauty KOL brand goods push MSBB makeup tutorial, attract many users attention and discussion section; Yan from fifth to fourth; Estee Lauder from second to fifth; Lan Koudi, 6; Shiseido from third to seventh; L'OREAL eighth, Armani ninth, SK-II tenth. This week car brand list released, BMW, Mercedes Benz to steady the top two; Audi third; TOYOTA fourth; fifth people, ranking fell two; Honda sixth; BYD seventh; Buick eighth, ranking 3; Ji Lidi 9, ranking fell two; Mazda, Chery, Land Rover, Porsche in tenth to thirteenth, the new TOP15 ranks; Changan, Ford fourteenth, fifteenth, ranking fell 5. data above all from Internet 〉 maixun