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Time: 2008-12-01 10:55 source: Reuters Chinese Author: Xinhua news agency Reuters China on Saturday quoted China Ministry of international trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute expert Mei Xinyu said, despite the global economic downturn, but Chinese only a moderate slowdown in export growth next year. Mei Xinyu is expected next year Chinese export growth rate of about 15%. In the first 10 months of this year, China's exports grew by 21.9% to $1 trillion and 200 billion. The report quoted him as saying, clothing, shoes and other low-end furniture exports were hit especially Xinhua News Agency on Saturday quoted China Minis Retro jordans for sale try of international trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute expert Mei Xinyu said, despite the global economic downturn, but Chinese only a moderate slowdown in export growth next year. Mei Xinyu is expected next year China export growth rate of about 15%. China's exports grew by 21.9% to $1 trillion and 200 billion in the first 10 months of this year. Reports quoted him as saying that low-end exports of clothing, shoes and furniture were particularly serious, while exports of electronics and electromechanical products remained strong and tough. Mei Xinyu and pointed out that the global economic downturn co cheap jordans online uld lead to more multinational companies to cut costs, more production business to buy more products from Chinese or China. and he expects the Chinese government to do more to encourage imports and exports. Since the end of July, China has three times raised the export tax rebate rate to stimulate exports. (Editor: admin).Recently, located in Lichuan County Industrial Park Okawa Shoe Co., every day there are farmers who apply for registration. last October, the Taiwan international yong'en Group invested 60 million yuan, the establishment of the Jiangxi Okawa Shoes Co. ltd.. The company plans to hire 1000 people in the fi cheap jordans for sale mens rst phase, but the number of applicants has reached more than 3000. After the start of the business, there are more than 10 people to sign up for the job every day. in many enterprises "labor shortage" when, why Lichuan County shoe enterprises appear "home" job search hot? ; migrant workers into the city; two take into account accounts can be moved, land stay, children go to school may be school choice...... In recent years, Lichuan has introduced a series of preferential policies to promote the transfer of surplus rural labor force, so that farmers can not only earn money in the city, but also take care of cheap foamposites their children to read and kill two birds with one stone. Xiong Cun Zhen Ji Xia Cun Huang Jia Wan Cun group of farmers Huang Guoqun home with mountain Tian, a son of the third grade primary school. In order to let his son get a better education, this year, she decided to discuss with her husband, rent the farmland to the neighbor farming, two people take the children to the county school, her husband work in the county on the construction site, then to Yongchao shoe factory workers. "The teachers and equipment in the city are better than those in the country, just for the sake of the children."." Huang Guoqun says. It is understood tha Cheap air jordans for sale t, like Huang Guoqun, both migrant workers, but also take care of children reading farmers, shoe-making enterprises in the county amounted to more than 300 people. brand effect to attract migrant workers the reputation of enterprises is an important reason for attracting farmers to work. Last year, the county introduced by the Taiwan international footwear Okawa yong'en investment for the group, the group has 12 plants in Putian, Shanghai and other places, throughout the country there are more than 3000 stores, found the famous brands -- Daphne, production of all kinds of fashion shoes export 70%. Since last October cheap jordan shoes for men , Okawa shoe has organized 540 staff training to the city of Putian. On Feng Zhen Shi Zi Cun young woman Wen Genying in Fuzhou last year, Mitutoyo shoe factory workers, this year, she directed this brand to Daphne, Mitutoyo to give up in the shoe factory workers to work opportunities, Okawa shoes. ; good environment; retaining migrant workers; ; functional departments involved, wages paid on time, the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers were protected, and promoted the flow of migrant workers to shoe-making enterprises. Since the introduction of CIATA shoes).Free Hypervenom 2 debut and there is no end Retro jordans for sale brand favored the primary free Hypervenom, overwhelmed, series brings a new change a free Hypervenom low, retains the classic football shoes and free series of hybrid modeling based, choose more comfortable fit NikeSkin material constitutes a vamp, and add reflective details modification; it is reported that the color is now in the domestic debut, officially on sale price 899 yuan, No. 725125-005. source: NIKEsummer is burning, and low shoes are popular, the upcoming release of Nike Nike LeBron 14 Low is a stream of dense James, especially the pink color, seems to have some difficulty to control. Knitting uppers, Flywire system, bradys cheap jordans for sale eism configuration is not decreased, such a pair of low version boots indeed very competitive. Primeknit Adidas Tubular Defiant is equipped with shoes with its superior feel and appearance, attracting countless fans, recently, the shoes also launched a new "Sun Glow" color, color design tender believe will lead to countless female fans of all ages, it is reported that the shoe has landed on the designated store.with Nike Air Yeezy and Supra TK Society heavy masterpiece strong attack, with reinforcement with hightops a rapid rise to become one of the hottest shoes, darling, Reebok saw the opportunity to have occasion to launch a pair Cheap air jordan 12 ovo of Ex-O-Fit High high version. As part of their new summer series in 2009, they brought together two new color editions. The first pair of pink shoes, with cream in the bottom; second pairs for deep purple uppers, and also in cream sole foil. The new products are now being sold in Reebok stores around the world, and friends like to go shopping. Source: Battle shoes Wang Reebok pirated Air Yeezy? Fluorescent inkjet star Nike Dunk review last article: Reebok pirated Air Yeezy? Next: fluorescent inkjet star Nike Dunk In order to cater for the 2016 Tour de France, the New Balance CM600CW shoes, the theme of city riding behavior, Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping has recently launched a new "France" series of . Based on maintaining the original streamlined body of the shoe, the use of high-grade suede material composed of shoe body, and the design of red and white, blue label is added on behalf of France in the tail also used for shoes, breathable mesh, lace protection and EVA bottom element, ankle more intimate elastic rubber ring to fix the shoes, let everyone enjoy a more comfortable and professional riding experience. 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