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summer is coming, Nike Sportswear this time on the basis of Blazer, Dunk, High and Toki Slip three pairs of the most beloved female classic shoes, based on the introduction of the Aloha Print series shoes. Six pairs of shoes are made of canvas materials, supplemented by a cartoon of tropical flower printing and color design of the cortex Swooth, for female friends with the summer add a touch of bright colors. Nike Sportswear WMNS Aloha Print series shoes will soon landing brand store sales, only female yards, interested friends, please stay tuned. has gone through the Air Jordan 623rd Anniversary Memorial last year, this year, of course, the protagonist naturally become another classic representative of Air Jordan 7. As the new year's debut repeat series, Air Jordan 7 Retro "French Blue" will Retro jordans for sale soon be on sale. High quality leather with white, blue and blue collocation / French grey appearance part details, refreshing interpretation Air Jordan 7 classic side. This year Jordan Brand engraved on the details and create a series of high-quality materials we have been through before Air Jordan 4 Retro "Colombia" feel, I believe that shortly after the sale of "French Blue" will appear in the same details. Scheduled to be on sale in January 24th, friends like to get ready in's most famous day match - Paris - Lu Bei tournament is about to start a war in April 10th. Paris - Lu Bei ranked the top five classic, from 1896 to 2015, a total of 113 have been held, is the queen of the classical. Plus she has nearly 50 km of gravel road, enough to let a driver in the mad rush for above egg cheap jordans online broken, crash, mechanical failure is the norm. It is also known as "northern hell". is also a gravel road, a greater gap between the gravel road to the Paris - Rubebita Flanders more bumps, more slippery, stone, most famous stone road arenburg forest also known as "deadly moat". Therefore, in order to conquer the northern hell, not only to have a strong enough spirit of the savage physique, the special transformation of the bike is also less than the special transformation. Comprehensive and detailed adjustments not only to improve comfort, but also to improve cycling efficiency and increase the controllability of the car, so that drivers have a better play. 1. frame for the gravel, must have special game machine. The major brands will be for pebble road launched comfortable frame exhausted exhau Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping st all the skills, embody the highest technology. Such as trek assembly IsoSpeed Domane and ensure pedaling efficiency and can increase 50% vertical deformation, last year a flash in the pan the pinarello dogma K8 is directly installed a less than 100 grams of the rear suspension on the vehicle frame. 2. wrapped double layer with in the face of more than 200 km long campaign. There is also known as the "northern hell" Paris - Lu Bei pebble road, many pro are around double take, and some may even be around three layer. In the face of numerous vibration, thicker the belt can play a buffer role, protect the wrist elbow and shoulder joint. 3. wider tires to deal with the gravel road, the traditional approach is to change the wider tires, such as 25mm. Now, with a slightly wider tire starting to pop, Cheap air jordan 12 ovo the drivers will choose 28mm, or even 30mm tires to improve comfort, increase grip. 4. lower tire pressure PRO face the gravel road, will reduce the pressure of the tire. For example, the Paris Roubaix quadruple Tom Boonen in battle the gravel road when tire pressure often set below the 80psi. Other people's pressure is also mostly in the 65-85psi, rain may be lower. 5. more small cap ring of Flanders has multiple pebble climbing Road, this design may not be practical. But for the wide expanse of the Paris Roubaix, tooth disc or 53/44t 53/42t enough and greater motivation can maintain rear derailleur tension and reduce the bump off the chain of risk. Some drivers will choose 54t or 55T market, flat on the road when more convenient, if there is the southwest wind.Jordan Brand's Jordan Reveal to lig cheap jordans for sale ht training shoes in the Quai 54 large European street basketball match in this section with the black display skills to the full, breathable mesh form the body of the shoe, and collocation black leather tongue, then with the support to transform colorful golden leather, also with snakeskin texture as a decoration, equipped with the last embedded Air-Sole cushion in the bottom. jordan-reveal-quai-54.jpg (179.77 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Jordan Reveal Quai 54Upload 09:01 2016-7-9 jordan-reveal-quai-54-3.jpg (289.68 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Jordan Reveal Quai 54Upload 09:01 2016-7-9 jordan-reveal-quai-54-2.jpg (147.42 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Jordan Reveal Quai 54Upload 09:01 2016-7-9 jordan-reveal-quai-54-1.jpg (658 KB, downloa Retro jordans for sale d times: 0) download attachment Jordan Reveal Quai 54 2016-7-9 09:01 upload Jordan 00 adidas Originals recently really moves constantly, in addition to the current leader and to publish a joint project, the brand name of Opening also invited to the trend of Ceremony, jointly launched a joint version of Stan Smith. The shoes in white tone, and the grey zebra covered the body of the shoe, and the brand logo Opening Ceremony appeared in a conspicuous position of the tongue. Shoes are currently on sale at CNCPTS, a trend store, at $170. nEO_IMG_141126910844079.jpg (26.94 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Openin〉Winter travel more through clothing collocation to highlight personal taste, for the selection of shoes is even more demanding, and this has become the puzzle of major Cheap air jordans for sale brands want to crack the puzzle. How can you combine warmth with fashion? Maybe wool is a good solution! Before the Jordan brand has released Air Jordan 12 wool models, in the rave reviews, wool edition, Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 11 will also be full debut. Not behind Adidas's release of the killer, with Stan Smith's classic design prototype, choose superior grey wool fabric texture and reshape the shoe body, the retro unique feelings be made one, and with black leather with tail, finally equipped with white rubber outsole. The overall design is remarkable, will certainly become the winter traveling the best choice. item: AQ8452 DSC06791-2.jpg (497.01 KB, download times: 7) download attachment adidas, Stan, Smith, PC, Wool, Smith, wool Limited Edition, 2016-12-12 upload at 13:05 DSC06793- cheap jordan shoes for men 2.jpg (491.74 KB, download times: 7) download attachment adidas, Stan, Smith, PC, Wool, Smith, wool Limited Edition, 2016-12-12 upload at 13:05 DSC06796-2.jpg (480.56 KB, download times: 7) download attachment adidas, Stan, Smith, PC, Wool, Smith, wool Limited Edition, 2016-12-12 upload at 13:05 DSC06797-2.jpg (499.91 KB, download times: 6) download attachment adidas, Stan, Smith, PC, Wool, Smith, wool Limited Edition, 2016-12-12 upload at 13:05 DSC06800-2.jpg (522.48 KB, download times: 7) download attachment adidas, Stan, Smith, PC, Wool, Smith, wool Limited Edition, 2016-12-12 upload at 13:05 DSC06802-2.jpg (511.〉& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] no matter which field the moment there is fierce competition, because the larger the ma cheap foamposites rket, the more attracting attention Nuggets, but the market is changing, consumers tastes change at any time, you want to lead in their field and will survive is not an easy thing, survival of the fittest drama has allowed many companies to become a pioneer. In sports brand, Nike's development and growth, and even successful beyond Adidas course, the Nuggets were ambitious enough to provide a reference. Nike company originated in 1962, at that time also called the "Blue Ribbon Sports", compared to when the high command of the lakes are rich handsome Adidas, Nike can only be regarded as the letter of the Cock wire. But surprisingly, after just ten years of development time, in the 1970s, Adidas, Nike, transcending riding the top spot in the US athletic footwear industry, 1980 is accounted for abou cheap jordans for sale mens t 50% of US market share. Since then, Nike has maintained a leading, in 2000 accounted for more than 39 percent of the US athletic footwear market, almost twice the market share of Adidas. Many people are curious about Nike's counter-attack, in fact, it's just at the right time to do the right thing. As we all know, Nike sneakers produced with innovative technology, outstanding design sense, known for high-quality, but these did not become a magic weapon to overcome Adidas, Nike's success lies in the unique art of marketing. Early in the 1970s, Nike will be the company's positioning from a product-oriented gradually transformed into a market-oriented, so as to obtain the initiative. Nike's marketing team knows the ultimate goal of marketing is not advertising burn, but to attract and retain consumers, so the marketing strategy to reflect public opinion persist, contact Nike and let people become closer, and this is Nike come out on top of the killer. Since the 1970s, the civilian movement has become an irresistible trend, Adidas team but will still energy to focus on professional sports shoes on the field, you know, athletes, after all, given population, purchasing power has been limited, countless civilians backbone is driven by the market, keen Nike team ahead Kuipo secret. In order to market potential civilian customers into real consumers, Nike clever use of the huge appeal of professional athletes. In the 20th century 80--90 era, gallop in the arena athlete like a hero, loved by the civilian population, in view of this, Nike has invested a lot of money to invite a number of well-known athletes for their product endorsements. In 1984, Nike has successfully signed Michael & middot; Jordan, came into the advertising word "like Mike, like" In rapidly spread throughout the country, people took to the worship of Jordan to Nike have surrendered since then, Nike basketball shoes the US market accounted for half. But athletes have retired, Jordan is no exception, in 1999, finally made after "Air" Jordan in the NBA's decision to retire left countless legends, Nike this time could not find an alternative to his Athletes to call market. This is a problem, the Nike marketing team but in another way it solves. They launched a man named "Nike Play" of new activities, the whole event including display of personal achievement, to encourage everyone to participate in the series of short films, this novel form of advertising, but also inspired people for Nike's favorite. The other side, and so when Adidas aware of the problem, and it has lost the opportunity to win back the market in a short time, and Puma, Reebok, Converse and other brands of powerful attack makes it everywhere at once, Adidas had to re- Planning your own brand-building to regain market share. Of course, Nike is able to achieve today's success, far more skilled in marketing of the Road is so simple, it products to cheap labor countries in production, significant cost savings, it's also a number of patented products, unique human resources, a good brand reputation, which it has become a benchmark for contemporary popular culture. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)